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Париж, Рим, Венеция, Прага и Барселона являются наиболее популярными туристическими направлениями Европы. За пределами Старого света, Нью-Йорк, Торонто и Уистлер с распростертыми объятиями ждут любителей шопинга и высококлассных ресторанов, лыжников и сноубордистов, а также студентов и бизнесменов. Хорошее жилье в этих городах пользуется большим спросом, и сегодня это не только гостиницы, но и квартиры, и виллы для краткосрочной аренды. Все квартиры и дома от Sweet Home Abroad расположены в непосредственной близости от основных достопримечательностей города и полностью оборудованы для комфортного и независимого отдыха. Как бы вы ни планировали провести свои каникулы, для любых запросов найдётся удобное жильё. Любители пляжного отдыха могут арендовать апартаменты в Израиле или снять виллу в Испании. Приверженцев активного зимнего отдыха заинтересует аренда апартаментов в Уистлере — лучшем горонолыжном курорте Северной Америки по версии SKI Magazine и столице зимней Олимпиады-2010. Ценители исторических и культурных памятников смогут найти удобное жильё Париже, Праге, Венеции и, конечно, в Барселоне.
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Finding a job abroad can be a life-changing and a very fulfilling experience. If you approach it from the right angle and prepare for joys and challenges of working in a new culture and in an unfamiliar environment, holding a job abroad will be a great add-on to your resume.

Work abroad can be short-term, ranging from a few weeks to a month, or long-term, ranging from a few months to a year. You can also opt to do an internship and boost your resume while enjoying the foreign culture (if you are Dutch, you might be interested in checking out StudentenBureau for options). The length of employment abroad depends entirely on the employee's goals and the conditions of work provided by the employer.

Temporary jobs abroad are an attractive option for many, especially for young people. High school graduates, students, young professionals can all gain from exposure to different work ethics, new cultures, exotic environment.

Work and travel make an especially enticing combination: for many people, working while they travel and explore new countries is a sound way to finance their adventures, without necessarily having to stay in one place for months at a time. A few weeks in a new place, a great apartment rental abroad, a fun new job – it is easy to imagine the possibilities!

Temporary work permits and youth exchange agreements are available for citizens of many countries which welcome young workers and encourage exploratory tourism. For example, Canadian citizens under the age of 30 can easily obtain a United Kingdom work permit that is valid for 2 years, which would allow them to travel to the UK and legally seek casual employment, while getting to know the country, making new friends and connections. Citizens of Australia enjoy the same privileges, and many Aussies choose to come to Canada for this exciting work experience. Sadly, since the United States of America does not participate in working holiday programs for youth, Americans are usually excluded from obtaining these privileges.

For some people, going to a foreign country without prearranged employment is a daunting prospect, and understandably so. There are numerous organizations willing to aid young people in finding a job abroad before the traveller even sets foot in the country, but careful research and contemplation are required when looking for agency that could aid you in achieve your goals. It never hurts to call the agency of your choice, ask lots of questions and move on if they do not sound like a good fit - many legitimate organizations will be more than willing to assist you in finding work abroad that you always dreamed about. To start, try Search Jobs Abroad and expand your search from there!

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