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Short-term rentals in London
According to the consulting company Mercer, London tops not only the lists of popularity among tourists, but also the cost-of-living lists. In 2007 London occupied the 2nd position on said Mercer list, in 2008 finished on the 3rd, and in 2009 it progressed to the 16th position. In 2012, London is the 25th most expensive city for expatriates in the world. Living in London bears the highest cost, and apartment rentals in London present a viable alternative to hotels. Apartments in London will save you money and help you to enjoy London more.
You won't necessarily have to sacrifice the location and proximity to the attractions of London to get a decent flat or a studio apartment. Even in the most prestigious boroughs, apartment rentals in London cost less than hotelswhile providing you with more perks and comforts. Luxury London apartments are easy to find and book as well.
Choosing a short-term apartment in London means you will have a complete home all to yourself that will include a separate bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, and most importantly a fully functional kitchen.
For guests travelling with friends or family, renting a two- or three-bedroom apartment in London is much more convenient and economical than booking a hotel. Staying in an apartment for your vacation will provide you with an opportunity to spend quality time together and stay in whenever you like, instead of just using your room to sleep.
Apart from London, Sweet Home Abroad offers apartments and villas for short-term rent all over Europe and North America.
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House of Hanover

In 1714, after death of Queen Anne, a distant relative of the Stewarts was summoned to take the English throne. George I of Hanover became the first in line of the house of Hanover, a dynasty whose rule was marked by the Enlightenment and the development of industrialism in Great Britain.

Famous personas frequented cafГ©s and pubs of the City, and the pub Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, which is open to this day, had served Jonathan Swift and Friedrich Hendel. Isaak Newton is considered the most crucial player of the Enlightenment in England. The British Museum opened in 1753. England's economic potential had grown dramatically after the invention of steam engines. The 18th century London saw the establishment of gentelmen's clubs, many of which are still functional. In 1804 the first locomotive was created in England. Arts developed as well: the star of the famous actor Edmund Kean shone in the theatres of Covent Garden.

Industrial achievements of England were complemented by the country's military successes. In 1805 the English Royal Navy under the command of Admiral Lord Nelson defeated the French and Spanish navy in the battle of Trafalgar; Trafalgar Square with the Nelson column erected in its centre was named after the site of this important victory. The victory over Napoleon in the battle of Waterloo in 1815 made the Duke of Wellington a national hero. The museum devoted to the Duke has a world-famous address: London в„–1.

Starting in the 19th century, London had begun growing exponentially. In 1802 several docks were built, including the St. Katharine Dock: the port of London was a place of non-stop trade. In 1829 the first omnibus appeared on London streets. In 1836 the first railroad was laid from London to Greenwich, and the buildings of Parliament were joined by the trademark London sight, the Clock Tower with Big Ben.

The article by Irina Sukharnikova, translation by Ekaterina Ryabova; specially for Sweet Home Abroad

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