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Rent an apartment in Rome
Hotels in Rome offer many accommodation options, but often you have to book in advance and for prices higher than you would like to pay. Apartment rentals in Rome may be a better option for a less expensive, yet unforgettable holiday accommodation. If you want to rent an apartment in Rome for 3 nights and longer, you are choosing a convenient alternative to hotels.
For the same amount of money you will not only get a full-size apartment in Rome instead of a standard hotel room, but also all the comforts you are used to at home. Staying in Rome vacation rentals allows you to feel at home in the city and offers you the freedom to move about, eat, have drinks when you like.
If you are spending a holiday with family or friends, accommodation with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms allows you to cut rental costs considerably, spend quality time together in privacy of your living room, and cook any meals you like in a fully-equipped kitchen.
What is more, there is plenty of high-quality apartments in Rome to choose from, and you are sure to find the vacation rental that fits you perfectly in terms of location, size and amenities available. Booking in advance is preferable, but not required, and if you are checking in shortly, be sure to check out our promo section. In addition, we offer apartment, cottage and villa short-term and long-term rentals all over Europe and North America.
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When to visit

The best time to visit Rome is in spring and early fall, when the weather is mild and already (or yet) warm and sunny. The sultriness of July and August and abundance of rain in November is better avoided. Winters in Rome, too, are mild yet rainy. If this is your cup of tea, you can save money visiting the Eternal city in the low season.

If you decide to visit in summer, it is more important than ever to remember the famous saying “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. It gets really hot in the afternoon, and because you are more than likely to be roaming Rome, no pun intended, all day, plan your itinerary in advance: get going early, take it easy in the afternoon, spend some time people-watching at a piazza, and continue going in early evening when the heat subsides. Also remember that in August some places you might want to grace with your presence may be closed due to Romans taking their vacations, as is the case in other European cities (most notably Paris).

October in Rome is an especially popular visiting time. This is the reason why in October accommodation prices go slightly up, even more so than for Christmas, all due to how perfect Rome is at this time of year. Do not let this discourage you; check apartment or hotel prices in advance, stay longer and get discounts for long-term stays, take a warm jacket for cool Roman evenings, enjoy the Roman sunsets to the fullest.

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